About Tiska Langley

Shotokan Karate is an excellent form of self defence and a great way of keeping fit and improving confidence.

Learn to defend yourself by focusing on the three main areas of Shotokan Karate: KIHON (Basics), KUMITE (Sparing) and KATA (Forms) in a controlled and disciplined environment.As well as covering these three key areas, we focus on building fitness in lessons, whilst having fun.Besides teaching you to defend yourself, practicing Karate has much more to offer, such as:

  • Increased Fitness
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Improved Self Confidence and Self - Esteem
  • Discipline and Etiquette

Gradings are held regularly throughout the year, where students take an exam to achieve their next grade. For many young students this promotes self-confidence and a sense of achievement and motivation.

Additionally, students participate in courses run by Sensei Sahota and take part in an annual TISKA National Competition, giving students the oppurtunity to demonstrate the skills they have learnt and developed through their training.

For more infrmation on how to join us, see the Beginners page.

Classes in Langley and Slough

The Club Instructor

Mr Sehmbi has been training for the last 25 years under the guidance of the Chief Instructor G Sahota.

The club is very well established with a wide mix of men, women and children.  Our objectives are to keep a friendly yet well disciplined club that works hard and to ensure that all our students enjoy themselves whilst training.

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