I am now pleased to confirm that we finally have an official start date and class times for those of you that will be returning to physical classes, and these confirmations are as follows:
Start Date: SUNDAY 20TH SEPTEMBER 2020

Venue:The Centre, Farnham Road, Slough

Class Times:

12:30pm - 1:10pm: Blue Belts up to Green Belts with Purple Tag

1:20pm- 2pm:  Purple Belts up to Brown and Red Stripes

2:10pm - 2:50pm: Black Stripes and Black Belts

(Please note ALL students will also be able to continue with the Live Online Classes via ZOOM)

As I am sure you must all already be aware, in order to return, we have been faced with many rules and restrictions in each venue as a result of having to fully comply with the Government, the Karate Governing Body, as well as individual venues having their own terms too.

Having taken into consideration all the above and ensuring above all, the safe return of our students and instructors, please ensure when returning to your class that you fully adhere to the following VERY IMPORTANT points:

  • If any person attending is aware of having symptoms prior to class, please DO NOT attend the venue at all.
  • Please arrive in a clean, washed Gi, which must be appropriately covered with a coat or jacket. 
  • Changing and toilet facilities will not be open at most venues and so you should all come prepared.
  • Students and I will be asked to sanitise i.e. use hand sanitiser before and after entering and leaving the dojo.  These will be available at every venue.
  • To avoid high numbers gathering, we please encourage you to arrive no earlier than 5-6 minutes before your allocated class time.  We have purposely held gaps between classes to avoid overlaps of students leaving and entering the dojo.
  • I will use a contactless temperature checker on each student entering the Dojo and if this shows over 38 degrees, the student will not be permitted to train or enter the hall.
  • No parents/carers/spectators will be allowed in the dojo during a class.  If the venue itself allows them to wait in a communal corridor/area, then that is fine, otherwise they must remain outside the venue until such time as they have to collect the student after class.
  • Each student and instructor will be required to wear sensible sports footwear such as trainers.
  • Where possible, you will enter the dojo through one door and exit through another but the instructor will guide you in/out accordingly.
  • Please be mindful of the social distancing at all times.

 I look forward to seeing you back in the dojo.